During this time of Covid-19 we are all looking for new ways of working with each other.

Since we will still be working with others, we still need to manage our people skills. 

Madeleine is offering online workshops.

Communication and Assertiveness.

Keeping Calm and Working on.

If you have other People Skills needs, please contact Madeleine.

Communication and workshops

Current Workshops

Conflict Resolution

Are you wasting time because of conflict? For example:

• Time spent in conflict – the parties, the managers, any HR staff
• Absenteeism
• Turnover
• Grievance filing
• Lawyers and mediators

• Stress/unhappiness
• Talking about the conflict with other staff members – lower productivity
• Sabotage

Come along to this practical session on Conflict resolution. You will learn:
• your conflict style
• the four conversations to manage conflict
• practical ways to recognise your triggers

Professional development registration $90 incl GST per person. Let me know if you would like a workshop at your place of work or your community group

Negotiation Skills Essentials

We spend about 60 – 70% of our day trying to influence others in some way.

If you manage projects, lead people, conduct formal and informal negotiations, or are involved with change in any form, this workshop will assist you. Everyone is welcome to come along and learn, as negotiation skills are beneficial at work and at home!

Participants will learn to:

  • appreciate when to negotiate.
  • prepare for a negotiation.
  • practice negotiating.
  • review their negotiation capabilities.
  • plan for improvement.

This is a two-day intensive workshop which will involve participants in a mixture of activities.

The workshop is on the 13th of October 2020.

Click the link below to find out more, and/or to sign up now!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!