Parenting today delivers unprecedented challenges to parents. Coping with everything that is expected of you to be a wonderful parent on top of the pressures and demands of modern life is a big task. 

Madeleine can provide a range of services that can support you and your family, school, community to raise likeable, responsible, respectful children in an age of over indulgence.

  • Workshops
  • Coaching for parents, teenagers, teachers, caregivers.  
  • Books
  • Affirmations

It is hard to grow resilient, respectful, competent children. Children who grow up with too much end up having trouble in life as they:

  • do not know what is enough
  • lack every day life skills
  • have trouble resulting from irresponsible behaviours, violation of others boundaries and expectations of overblown entitlement and
  • cannot give up being the centre of attention

Upcoming Workshops

Raising Resilient Children and Group Skills Retreat 2022

Changing and influencing – have you always wondered how to make things work better?

Take time out in a beautiful setting to work with the group, supporting and inspiring each other.

This residential retreat combines with the ‘How Much is Too Much’ subject matter, whilst learning skills that you can transfer to your workplace or home.

The retreat is suited to teachers, community workers, policy advisors, and volunteers who may come from the education, health, leadership, service and engagement sectors or wider…and parents!

The fee of $995 per person is all inclusive of:

  • accommodation
  • all meals
  • 40 hours of training, AND
  • ‘How Much is Too Much’ book and handouts

Plus a great vibe at a beautiful, relaxing location.

Dates: 14th-18th Feb 2022

Price includes GST.

**Early Bird cost $500 if booked & paid for before

**21st November 2021**

To book and reserve your place:


Madeleine on tel:027 211 6469


[email protected]

Raising Great Kids in an Overindulgent World


Parenting today delivers unprecedented challenges – are you wondering what went wrong and somehow ended up living with a child you don’t recognise belonging to you?

Get a new perspective, an easy-to-understand model to follow and tools to help you to raise likeable and respectful children in an age of over-indulgence.

This workshop will be a confronting one that will expose you to the risks that children face in this modern overindulgent world.


Many children have become used to being the constant centre of attention and are unable to delay gratification and aren’t competent in everyday skills.

They have few self-care skills and skills relating to others, can’t take personal responsibility and don’t know what is enough or what is “normal” for others – these children end up having a difficult time of it in life and you will too.


You’ll take away new insight and knowledge plus strategies that you can apply that very night to help your child to be a responsible, likeable and respectful person.

By the end of the session, you’ll be able to:
• Reflect on the current context parents are faced with today
• Find the relevant research
• Practise the parenting tools and discuss the model
• Know where to go to get support

Aimed at parents, grandparents and caregivers

of children of all ages.


Cost: $20 incl. GST

Date: 12th August 2021 730pm-930pm

Venue: 249 Taranaki Street
Mt Cook, Wellington

Click link below for booking

This is part of Wellington High School Community Education Centre 2021 programme

                                      Parenting Workshop

             Raising Resilient Children in an Overindulgent World

Why not join us as we work through the 6 building blocks of the ‘Parenting Road Code’ to develop individual strategies for you as a parent?

  1. Goals/Strengths
  2. Values
  3. Ages and Stages
  4. Framework
  5. Rules
  6. Using the Framework

All the while developing the language and communication to be able to provide the balance between care and structure that our children need.

Date –  Friday 13th August 

Time – 9.30am-2.30pm

Venue – The Collective Community Hub, 1/33 Johnsonville Road

Cost – $90 (includes a copy of the Parenting Road Code Workbook)

 Please bring food & share lunch


Have you become a pushover parent?
Have you become a pushover parent?

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Setting limits with little people

No one sets out to spoil or overindulge a child, but in this day and age, setting boundaries as a parent isn’t easy, writes Madeleine Taylor. Being a parent today is tough. Coping with everything that is expected of us in order to be a wonderful parent on top of the pressures and demands of modern life… well, it’s a big task!

The things a dragonfly can teach us
The things a dragonfly can teach us

Insects have many interesting and useful traits that are helpful for us consider in our own lives. I was walking through the beautiful grounds of a training facility in Pakua, Tangail about three hours drive from Dhaka, Bangladesh last week. I was snapping pictures of the local scenery particularly the flowers when a large dragon fly landed on a branch in front of me. This dragonfly had me thinking that we can learn interesting lessons from the insects around us. I explored three interesting facts about dragon flies and this is what I discovered. Click to read more...

Managing Change in a school Community

Change is happening; it is all around us and comes in many forms. Change in a classroom, change in staffing, changes in curriculum, changes to buildings, changes to school population, changes to funding and changes politically. Some change is good and some change is not but what is it that makes any change painful to bare? Click to read more...

Building a culture of empathy
Building a culture of empathy

I was visiting a school community at the end of last term and came head to head with a young person charging out the door – no stepping aside, no acknowledgment that I existed. It was the perfect demonstration of the concerns that the school wanted to address. How to build a school community with empathy at its core? Click to read more...


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