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The Business of People: Leadership for the Changing World


Love your book Madeleine THANK YOU! I feel I can pick it up, open up to any page and learn or be reminded of strategies for improved relationships and ultimately a better world xxxxx


Resource teacher for Learning and Development

– Sally B.


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The Business of People: Leadership for changing the world

Parent Education

“The Too Much workshops have been so useful. With ease I was able to improve my own parenting with the new insights into nurturing and resilience. I have steadily made successful steps towards greater harmony in our house. I share this knowledge with work colleagues and friends.” 2017

“Madeleine’s workshops are very interactive and informative. She is very collaborative and flexible by allowing “real life” examples to play out which meant you could easily apply the information to your own context…I enjoyed learning some new language to help my children when they are dealing with their own anxiety. I feel I’m better equipped to help them thanks to Madeleine’s workshop.” June 2018

It works!!!  Sharing this text from my young adult son when his request for cash was declined – ‘Okay thanks anyway dad I’m responsible for my achievements AND my mistakes thanks for not bailing me out I’ll find a way through xx love ya’ – proud dad moment, cheers.” – Sept 2018 

Raising Resilient Children

Parent Education

Group Skills Retreat 2018

In what ways was I stimulated to increase or improve my own ability to nurture, to structure, and to recognize and counter overindulgence?

“The residential workshop functioned to stimulate me to consider my awareness of these components on micro and macro levels. The clear structure and boundaries you set. The boundedness of the home-like environment. The freedom to choose within boundaries, effectively. The information and tools you shared with us from HMITM – and the opportunities to present and teach and share, both within this framework and from our own experience.”

Group Skills Retreat 2021

Group Skills retreat

Negotiation Training

“Madeleine ran an Introduction to Negotiation Skills one day workshop for Victoria University of Wellington as part of the ASEAN Public Sector Leadership Programme for Mid-level Officials,  joint programme run in conjunction with the NZ government Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 
The group of twenty-five participants (from all ASEAN countries including Timor Leste) were buzzing when they left and enjoyed the day so much they were keen to share some photos here.” – November 2018
Negatiation Training


“I found Madeleine’s coaching style incredibly helpful; it was highly practical, never intrusive and helped to clarify issues which previously felt murky. Best of all, she helped me to trust myself. “
– Corporate Coaching Client 2019

Leadership Coaching

“I am very grateful for the guidance Madeleine has given me and the results which have been achieved within a very short period of time. My self confidence and self worth had been gradually undermined and eroded while working long term in a difficult and disfunctional environment. Through a series of tasks, readings and scenarios, she was very quickly able to help me gain skills to achieve positive outcomes whilst being heard and acknowledged – communication! Madeleine has enabled me to come back into my own again and once more enjoy my career of choice. Thank you Madeleine”. From Robyn, 2017

“Since working with Madeleine, I have been able to deal with some challenging areas in my work, in particular conflict resolution. I liked working with Madeleine as she responds very swiftly to whatever you put on the table, and is able to focus you towards a meaningful outcome. Madeleine is an excellent negotiator and can move fluently through many different areas of being – she can meet you in whatever conversation you begin with. I would totally recommend Madeleine as a mentor, coach, facilitator and teacher of workshops. I hope to continue a relationship with Madeleine in the future leading skill development with artists – her dedicated, professional, intelligent, heartful responses are able to shift entrenched positions swiftly. You will not waste time with this woman.”


Leadership Coaching

Facilitation and Conflict Resolution

“Madeleine has undertaken a variety of work for Stratos including supporting people after a critical incident, conflict resolution, and designing and conducting workshops to help participants cope with stress and build their resilience. She is very skilled at meeting the the needs of both individuals and groups, while at the same time helping them to adapt to change.”

Warwick Harvey
Managing Director, Stratos Limited

See Stratos

Facilitation and conflict resolution

Professional Supervision

“Strange times indeed. Just wanted to thank you for your support over the last year. Your knowledge and experience has been amazing. I had never really liked supervision prior to undertaking it with you and always thought it was a bit pointless. However, you have definitely changed my mind in relation to the importance and usefulness of it. So thanks….” Supervisee leaving for health reasons. March 2020.
“I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness. You have been an exemplary and visionary external supervisor. You are truly a great inspiration for me.” Feedback from a supervisee who has moved cities. October 2018.

“I have worked with Madeleine for nearly a year now and she continues to provide me with an outside perspective enabling me to be considerably more effective in my role as Chief Executive. In particular her honest and constructive feedback with respect to how I deliver messages to staff and external stakeholders helps me to communicate in a way that respects others points of view, while at the same time not compromising my own messages. Also particularly helpful is the assistance Madeleine gives with respect to making decisions. Her supervision has enabled me to understand the complexity of decision making in the context of my own organisation and to clarify the process. The outcome for me has been a better understanding of the reasons for particular decisions and therefore greater confidence in my decision making. I have also benefited greatly from recommended resources and suggested contacts provided by Madeleine”. Sept 2013

Professional Supervision


“We have contracted Madeleine Taylor to facilitate workshops for our member organisations and staff for over 8 years now. Madeleine has always been very professional to work with and accommodating in tailoring the training to meet our requirements. Madeleine has excellent communication skills and understanding of how people learn. She works collaboratively with the training participants in devising the learning process and negotiating the outcomes. She has the ability to adapt her facilitation style on the spot to meet the needs of the workshop participants. Madeleine is very effective at managing training participants behaviour that could potentially have a negative impact on others learning.

The majority of feedback of the training that Madeleine has delivered to our members has been excellent. They are particularly grateful for the practical tools they can take away and use immediately in their work place.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Madeleine as a trainer/facilitator.”

Manager Member Services

Local NGO organisation