People Skills Consulting, Wellington


Any training has four main goals:

  1. to increase participant’s awareness of the topic in general, and of each person’s own behaviour style and assumptions
  2. to share conceptual frameworks and analytical tools for preparing and having purposeful interactions
  3. to improve personal skills in conducting conversations and problem-solving discussions
  4. to prepare participants in the application of these skills back into their own work context.

Professional and Group Supervision

Supervision is a process in which the supervisor; enables, guides and facilitates the worker(s) in meeting certain organisational, professional and personal objectives. These objectives are: professional competence, accountable & safe practice, continuing professional development, education and support.

Supervision can be provided individually or as a team.


Comment from a recent Supervisee:

"Just wanted to thank you very much for your support over the past year. Your knowledge and experience has been amazing. I had never really liked supervision prior to undertaking it with you and always thought it was a bit pointless. However, you have definitely changed my mind in relation to the importance and helpfulness of it. So thanks!" March 2020.  


Coaching is a structured conversation with a measurable outcome that is collaborative and in the service of the coachee.

The Coach’s role is to work with leaders and teams to lift organisational performance, improve engagement and increase effectiveness.

The coaching relationship is based on adult learning principles and a strengths based
process of:

  1. building rapport
  2. setting goals
  3. exploring options
  4. challenging thinking
  5. reflecting
  6. gaining commitment for action
  7. providing support.


The purpose of facilitation is to “make easy”.

The role of a facilitator is to support you and your group to have the conversations that you need to have.

Facilitators work with the group to create a safe environment. They provide group work tools and processes that supports the work of the group.

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