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Raising Resilient Children

Parenting today delivers unprecedented challenges to parents. Coping with everything that is expected of you to be a wonderful parent on top of the pressures and demands of modern life is a big task. 

Madeleine can provide a range of services that can support you and your family, school, community to raise likeable, responsible, respectful children in an age of over indulgence.

  • Workshops
  • Coaching for parents, teenagers, teachers, caregivers.  
  • Books
  • Affirmations

It is hard to grow resilient, respectful, competent children. Children who grow up with too much end up having trouble in life as they:

  • do not know what is enough
  • lack every day life skills
  • have trouble resulting from irresponsible behaviours, violation of others boundaries and expectations of overblown entitlement and
  • cannot give up being the centre of attention

Growing resilient children workshop series. Happening again this term. 9.30 - 12.30. 30th Jan, 12th Feb, 20th March, 3rd April.

As a parent, grandparent, teacher, caregiver, social worker, community worker, sports coach, or, as an adult who has been overindulged as a child, you may want to attend a workshop.

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Raising Likeable, Responsible, Respectful children in an age of overindulgence.

It is tough being a parent in todays’ world with coping with all that is thrown at you to be a wonderful parent – In this age of overindulgence it is hard to support children to learn basic life lessons that will assist them to become likeable, responsible, respectful and overall competent members of your family and our society. So you will be parenting against the tide and parenting against the tide may require new skills for you to learn as an adult and as a parent.

Do you have a child (no matter what the age 0 – 50 years) who has trouble:

  • learning how to delay gratification
  • giving up status as the constant centre of attention
  • being competent in everyday skills, self-care skill and skills relating to others,
  • taking personal responsibility,
  • developing a sense of personal identity
  • knowing what is enough or
  • what is “normal” for others?

Then please take a phone number and call Madeleine.

What these children have experienced (according to 10 studies) is the impact of overindulgence. Overindulgence can occur at all levels of the social structure.

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