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Starting a new job.

First few months in a new job can be a cause for worry - that what we are doing isn't right, maybe we think we might have upset someone or because of some behaviour we observed we think that some one doesn't like us. The possible thoughts are endless as we make up stories to explain what we see. This is time spent not thinking about the job or focussing on improving job performance.

I think that we can stop a lot of problems from occuring by having a conversation about how we work together. The "how" conversation will stop any unnecessary worry from happening as we can clarify expectations. Below is a "A Guide for working with Me" Kit that can help build clarity about our own intentions and behaviour. The kit is a framework for discussing how we work. It can give additional confidence in beginining conversations with leaders, managers and co workers.

You are welcome to use the kit, to change it, to make it yours as long as you acknowldge Madeleine as the author.

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