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There are many settings wherethe role of the facilitator is effective and efficient.

  • Teams in conflict
  • Strategic planning sessions where people have strong and conflicting opinions
  • Multi party meetings where the stakes are high
  • Contentious issues
  • Limited resources
  • Group conflict
  • Two party conflicts

Third Party Intervention

The statistics suggest that having a third party provide a process for assisting the parties work through the conflict can influence the dynamic and more likely have a positive outcome.

The process Madeleine uses is from Dudley Weeks - Conflict Partnership.

Facilitating a Conflict Partnership Process. Developed by Dudley Weeks.

Three Steps

1. Initial meeting:

To agree to the process and (facilitator and support people) roles

To understandthe purpose of the intervention

2. Individual confidential meetings:

To have facilitator get to know the participants and visa versa

To identify what is important to each person

3. Joint meetings:

For the participants to work together to achieve their purpose


The initial meeting is usually very short about 10 mins or so.

Individual confidential meetings are between one and two hours each; sometimes it is useful to have more than one with each person.

The joint meetings are about between two and three hours each; sometimes it is useful to have more than one.

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