People Skills Consulting, Wellington

Conflict Coaching

Aim: To provide managers and leaders with skills and confidence to coach staff through conflict when it occurs.


  1. be able to understand your own response to conflict
  2. extend your coaching model to explore the fundamentals of the conflict
  3. develop purposeful micro communication skills
  4. grow your courage when faced with conflict
  5. exert your concerns and gain commitment to going forward
  6. learn about other conflict management options.

Facilitation Skills

Aim: To enhance your ability to prepare, conduct and review your facilitation of group conversations and tasks.


  1. develop a clear understanding of the way groups work
  2. increase your confidence in facilitating a group
  3. provide a road map for planning a group conversation
  4. develop a set of tools and techniques that you can apply to your work.

Conflict Management Skills

Aim: To recognise and manage conflict at work and build personal resilience in tough times.


  1. develop awareness of how you may be affecting the current dynamic
  2. build confidence to use tools and skills to resolve conflict
  3. know how and where to go for help.

Restorative Workplaces

Aim: To provide employees with the understanding of the philosophy of restorative workplaces and tools to grow respectful and positive working relationships.


  1. know how to strengthen the connection between people and promote positive relationships
  2. understand systems and practices within the workplace to prevent harm from occuring and
  3. develop personal skills and tools to heal damage after the hurt.

Conflict Competent Culture

Aim: To provide organisational leaders with tools to audit their own behaviour; to understand their recognition patterns; and how to purposefully drive a conflict competent culture.


  1. be able to account for the impact of your own behaviour
  2. understand your personal recognition patterns
  3. describe the culture the leadership team are wanting and
  4. explore the systems and tools that support a conflict competent culture.

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