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Let's Talk ... Let's Connect - E03 Leading with Emotion

Since 2014 I have had the privilege of doing a training tour each year with Work Skills Academy of New Zealand. (WSDA) in Bangladesh. I am the Dean of the Facility of Personal Leadership.
Since the Covid 19 lockdown no one has been able to work in face to face training and so the team are desperately finding ways to keep the office going in Bangladesh. The WSDA team are also building on all the hard work they have done already...
As the CEO John Faisandier says "Covid-19 won’t beat us!"
So the team have been developing online conversations and training - this video is a talk I was involved with last week about understanding emotions, being able to recognise what you need to do to remain calm. Being calm lets you think and use your good brain to your advantage. 
The video has great reach and the series is taking participants to far from many different countries including Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Canada, USA, NZ. In this session we had people from Russia and Afghanistan as well. 
Check out the fb page for the Youth Summit that is happening now. Workplace Skills Development Academy New Zealand

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