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Have you become a Pushover Parent?

In today’s world it is more and more difficult to hold a line and expect people to meet it. Have you noticed the traffic lights take longer to change – because people are running not only the orange but also the red lights – so to prevent an accident the lights take longer and longer to change – all because our society has decided to not hold the line.

Parents, community leaders, police, nurses, teachers and medical staff have long been held up as the back bone of our society and supporters of the limits in which we as a society thrive. Now more and more frequently these stalwarts are being challenged in their day to day jobs, in the media and in the courts.


Is it time to reset your boundaries?

Are you feeling stressed, pushed around, agreeing to do things for people when you don’t really want to?

It maybe that you have let your personal boundaries slip.

Boundaries are the limits and expectations you set for yourself and on others for how you behave and for how they behave around you.


Building a culture of empathy

I was visiting a school community at the end of last term and came head to head with a young person charging out the door – no stepping aside, no acknowledgment that I existed. It was the perfect demonstration of the concerns that the school wanted to address. How to build a school community with empathy at its core?

The ability for our children to practice empathy is all around us and yet society’s ways of being in the world is more and more ego centric and self-serving.


Setting limits with little people

No one sets out to spoil or overindulge a child, but in this day and age, setting boundaries as a parent isn’t easy, writes Madeleine Taylor.

Being a parent today is tough. Coping with everything that is expected of us in order to be a wonderful parent on top of the pressures and demands of modern life… well, it’s a big task!


The things a dragon fly can teach us.

Insects have many interesting and useful traits that are helpful for us consider in our own lives.

I was walking through the beautiful grounds of a training facility in Pakua, Tangail about three hours drive from Dhaka, Bangladesh last week.

I was snapping pictures of the local scenery particularly the flowers when a large dragon fly landed on a branch in front of me.



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