Raising Resilient Children in a world of overindulgence

It is hard to grow resilient, respectful, competent children. Children who grow up with too much end up having trouble in life as they:

  • do not know what is enough
  • lack every day life skills
  • have trouble resulting from irresponsible behaviours, violation of others boundaries and expectations of overblown entitlement and
  • cannot give up being the centre of attention
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Retreat for parent, teachers, caregivers: Learn about the material for the "How much is too much?" book. This is a 5 day workshop. March 2018.

If you want support to raise resilient children then please book into this fantastic opportunity. March 5 th until 9th  March 2018. Venue at Riversdale Beach. You will also learn how to teach this material and to work with groups.Limited places. Please ensure you have given me your correct email address - if you don't hear from me then it is because I couldn't reach you.


What a particpant said about the workshop-

The Too Much workshops have been so useful. With ease I was able to improve my own parenting with the new insight into nurturing and resilience. I have steadily made successful steps towards greater harmony in our house. I too have shared this knowledge with work colleagues and friends.” 


Growing resilient children workshops

Growing resilient children workshops

As a parent, grandparent, teacher, caregiver, social worker, community worker, sports coach, or, as an adult who has been overindulged as a child, you may want to attend a workshop.

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